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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Back At It

I have been seriously derelict in my blog posting of late.  I'm trying to resist the urge to defend myself ("I've been SUPER busy!").  After all, almost anything would be better than "I just didn't get around to it".  But I won't, choosing instead to cast myself on the mercy of my long-suffering readers.

I will mention just 2 things today.  First, I'm happy to say that we will be taking a group of about 17 folks from FBC over to Matamoros Saturday morning to help a dear brother with a painting project.  I've long fretted over the fact that, with all the reports of violence near the border, a lot of ministry just isn't getting done, because few people are going over to do it.  But the needs persist.  So even though our work will be but a small contribution, it is a contribution still, and one that I am pleased to make.

I brought the morning message at FBC Sunday morning.  I've had a theme percolating in my head for months now, and Sunday I finally let it out.  I called it "The Coming Persecution".  I tried to sound the alarm without being shrill: persecution of Christians in the US is only going to get worse, and we had best prepare for it.  But God works all things for good, including this.  Besides, many have paid a steep price to follow Jesus, and if we are called upon to join them, it will be an honor to bear the shame for His name's sake.