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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

.....a couple more pictures

Here are two more pictures from our fiesta.

Fiesta - Part 2

Our fiesta on September 12 was big success. It was plenty hot, but at least it didn't rain (which is a minor miracle, considering how much rain we have had here lately). Everything, from the music to the food, turned out great. Here are a couple of pictures (the picture on the bottom is of a Marimba band from the University of Texas - Brownsville).

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Border Summit

On Thursday of this past week I traveled to San Antonio for the first ever "Borderlands Summit", sponsored by the SBTC. If you are familiar with the Texas/Mexico border, you know that it is an area like no other......not quite Mexico, not quite the United States. What is more, one area of the border may be quite different from another. The summit was an attempt to dialogue and plan with other leaders from our state. From Brownsville up to El Paso, every region was represented. All in all a good time of disussion and fellowship.