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Friday, December 24, 2010

The Greatest Mission Trip Of All!

Several times this month I have listened to the special "Holiday Music" channel on my TV, and I have a bone to pick. It seems to me that every year the Christmas music I hear is a little less about the Christ child, and a little more about good times, romance, and "coming home for Christmas". But then, I suppose that is all Christmas means to those who don't know could it mean anything more? But for those of us who believe, Christmas is about Jesus, God Himself, Who came to earth to save sinners. Everything else is gravy.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Saint Death Part 2

The other reason I was in Laredo last weekend (see below) was to begin plans for a mission trip next Spring. I met up with Chuy Avila, who works full time there. Chuy has a strategy for reaching his city, and is hoping to help start several churches. To do this he'll need mission teams to come down during spring break to help blanket the area. God willing, we'll be taking a group over to help. Should be fun. If you would like to go on an inexpensive mission trip, where you know your work will matter, get in touch with me.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saint Death

If you haven't yet heard of something called Santa Muerte (Saint Death), you will. There are an estimated 2 million followers of the "White Lady" in Mexico alone, with thousands more throughout the southern U.S. It is especially prevalent in border communities like ours. I learned more about it all this weekend in Laredo, at a conference sponsored by the SBTC. If the idea of Death as a "saint" is new to you, then you should realize that her followers are quite serious, and the idea is spreading rapidly.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Flea Market

I spent a good part of today in Donna, Texas at "La Pulga" (flea market). Flea markets are a big deal down here. I went along with some folks who have a regular ministry in such places, giving away copies of the gospel of John/book of Romans. In just a few hours we distributed over 3,000 copies. I hope to be doing more of this soon.