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Friday, June 25, 2010

Train Up A Child....

Another busy week in the valley. This week we once again worked with a team from Christ Community Church in Omaha, Nebraska. For many years this team worked in Ciudad Juarez, but the violence there forced them to look for another area for ministry. Thankfully, they found us.
The team conducted VBS, played sports with the kids, did some one-on-one evangelism, and built 2 houses. They have been doing trips like this for a long time, and the experience showed. All in all a very good week.
One thing that I must point out is that the students were all 9th graders. Isn't it wonderful that these kids have experienced international missions, and learned the importance of serving others, before they have even begun high school?

Friday, June 18, 2010

River Hills

Earlier today I posted a blog about a group from the Corpus Christi area. Most of this team was from River Hills Baptist Church. Here is a good story about them. Check it out!

Haiti in the News

Click here for an article about our recent trip to Haiti.

Body of Christ

This week (see below) was a beautiful display of cooperation among several churches in Texas and Mexico. This is the way the body of Christ (Latin: Corpus Christi) is supposed to work.
Here are a couple more pictures from this week's work.

Old Friends

This week we hosted a team from the Corpus Christi area. They were in town to build houses for 4 families in Matamoros. They also conducted a VBS and held a medical clinic. I've posted some pictures here so you can see some of the work.
An observation: some people mistakenly think that mission work is only for those fortunate souls who possess specialized skills such as carpentry, preaching, or medical care. But this is simply not so. Can you sweep? Set up tables and chairs? Paint? Play with kids? Wash a child's hair? Serve refreshments? Fill out a form? Hand someone a Bible? If so, YOU CAN DO MISSIONS!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Edelstein Park

Here is part of the group from Louisiana leading VBS in one of our downtown parks. Great turnout, and great job by the team.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Well, I suppose it's official now....

Monday, June 7, 2010

Big River

This picture was taken this morning as I was on my way to Matamoros to do a little evangelism with a team from Louisiana. This river serves as the border between Mexico and the USA. It's the Rio Grande, in case you are wondering.

Equipping the Saints

Today a crew began installing equipment on our new feeding units. If you aren't familiar with disaster relief work, a feeding unit is basically a traveling kitchen. It allows a team to provide hot meals to hundreds of people a day when they find themselves in a disaster situation. So, while we hope we never have to use these trailers, it is likely that we will, given that we live so near the coast. And when a hurricane (or some other disaster) does strike, we'll have the tools in place to help folks in their time of need.
The picture on the right shows some of the equipment sitting on the parking lot, waiting to be installed.