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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Good Report

Here is an update from a missionary couple that we support here at FBC.

Christmas Changes Everything

What if Jesus had never been born?  What difference would it make in your life?  Plenty.  As D. James Kennedy points out, it would be a very different world indeed if Christ had not come.  But He did come, and this coming Sunday we will celebrate it.  It's called "Christmas Changes Everything".  It begins at 10:45 and all are welcome.


Had an enjoyable, quiet Thanksgiving with my wife last week.  This week I've been working on promotional materials for the upcoming missions camp, and preparing for this weekend's Christmas musical.

Today I came across this bit of news about the Perspectives course.  It seems that materials are being translated into Chinese, with leader training sessions already in the works.  It is obvious that China will be a major player on the world scene for many years to come, so any advances made in that country would be most significant.  We've long heard that there are many believers there (largely underground), and this represents a major step forward.